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A text link strategically placed on your web site can be an easy but effective way to drive traffic to your affiliate URL and increase your affiliate sales. The beauty of text links is that you can easily present your visitors with a short sentence or paragraph that clearly explains what they will gain, how they benefit, or what they will learn by clicking on it. One very powerful way is to cut and paste these text and include them in every time you send out broadcasts to your subscribers through your newsletters.

Also, it's easy to position a text link as informative resource for your visitors as opposed to blatant advertisement -- a strategy that has been statistically proven to make visitors more receptive to clicking through your affiliate URL!

Your visitors will see you as providing them with a valuable resource, and this means they'll be more open to any offer we present them with because they don't feel like they're about to be "sold" to. And this means increased sales and commission checks for you!

Text Link #1:

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If you’re sick & tired of your partner’s suspicious behavior & want to be 110% sure & catch that cheating partner of yours red-handed, download, read & listen to this:

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You’ll put an instant end to all the "mind games" and "emotional abuse" thrown at you as they're trying to cover up the facts and guilt that makes you feel like you never meant a damn thing to them.

 Text Link #3:

No more... spending sleepless nights in bed waiting for them to come home, unable to escape the sickening thoughts of where your lover could be, who they could be with and the kissing, fondling, love-making things they might be doing to each other.

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