Email Promotions

By Far The No.1 Most Effective And Profitable Way To Dramatically Boost Your Affiliate Sales!

If you have a list of opt-in e-mail addresses (i.e. customers and subscribers who have given you permission to contact them), then e-mail promotions can be a highly profitable promotional technique – one of the most profitable techniques, in fact!

If your customers and subscribers know and trust you as someone who they can depend on to provide quality information and products, it’s really easy to write a personal letter of recommendation, endorsing the affiliate product to capitalize on this relationship.

Your customers and subscribers respect your opinion, so when you present them with good information about a quality product, they’re going to act! 

They’re going to click through your affiliate link and they’re going to buy – and this translates into huge affiliate commission checks for you!

The following are two (2) Email Templates that should be used in the following sequence: The objective of the mails are firstly to build up a HUGE anticipation to your list followed by the official announcement. 

These templates have been tested and been proven to fully MAXIMIZE on your email promotions -- use them correctly and watch your sales SOAR! 

Email Promotion #1:

Suggested Subject Line:

[first name], *Secrets* To Catching Your Cheating Lover!

Email Message:

Hi {!firstname},

My oh my do I have some exciting stuff to share with you right
now, I can hardly sit still!

See, out of the HUNDREDS of questions that has been sent to me
since I've started online, the most commonly asked question
has always been:

"I have a feeling my husband/boyfriend is cheating on
me, but I'm not sure... How can I know?.. How can I be a
110% SURE?"

Well, I heard you LOUD AND CLEAR, so download, read and
listen to this to get ALL your answers RIGHT NOW:

A big part of it was created in a way that will help
you "get it", to understand the psychology and dynamics of
infidelity, affairs, why people do what they do, how people
cheat, the signs to look out for and exactly what you have
to do about it.

Inside, you'll learn:

>>> Where to start: The blueprint and step-by-step action cheat
sheet for uncovering a cheating partner and exactly what to do
about it.

>>> Surefire sentences that will practically "force" your
partner to spill out everything 15 minutes from now (if they
were faithful, they'd do something else, I'll show you that

>>> The 9 crucial errors that everybody who is having an
affair will almost certainly make. Learn what it is and how
to catch them red-handed making it!

>>> Ingenious stealth word-for-word phone call scripts you
can use that gives you a remote "binocular look" at your
partner (even if they're hundreds of miles away when
they're out of town or country).

>>> How to turn quickly yourself into a human lie detector
so that you'll instantly know whenever your partner is
lying to you. (These are actual methods & test results
researched by psychologists in identifying uncontrollable
and subconscious movements humans make when they lie --
this is advanced FBI stuff you CANNOT afford to miss!).

>>> ... and much, much more!

It's some pretty eye-opening material... that's for sure ;-)

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it and I do believe you'll learn A LOT of
things from that program that you can use IMMEDIATELY to
"mind-read" your partner, know when you're being cheated on
& bust them out.


No more lying awake every night, repulsively wondering where
your lover has been, who they might be with along with the
scandalous possibilities that run RAMPANT behind your back.

No more going for weeks (even months!) on end without intimacy,
without affection, without love. No more feelings of "coldness"
sweeping all over your "fire-less" relationship wondering
whether he/she even cares.

Just download, read and listen to the CD recordings, and
you'll know what I mean:

All the best...


P.S. And just to show you how confident Dean is of the
secrets that you're about to uncover inside, he has been generous
enough to let you try it out risk-free for the next 60 days.
If you don't like them (if for some reason you FAIL to
smoke out your cheating lover, then you DO NOT PAY!)

Email Promotion #2:

Important Note: The following e-mail is intended to be sent as a follow-up approximately one week (or 4 - 7 days) after you've e-mailed the letter above. Use these two letters together, and you'll nearly double your commissions!

Suggested Subject Line:

[first name], Urgent - Please Open Up & Read This NOW...

Email Message:

Hi [first name],

This e-mail is extremely urgent so please read the entire
thing... I would feel terrible if you missed out on this
because you did not get my e-mail in time.

You see, ever since I sent out an announcement last [enter
date of send out] about Simon's "Catch A Cheater Secrets",
many of you have been scrambling to download your own copies
to take advantage of his early bird discounted launch price...

(Just in case you missed it, you can learn more about it

Bad news is, apparently the "early bird" period is about to
end anytime now...

Good news is, Dean has promised me to give my valued
subscribers (you) one last shot to grab your own copies
before he raises the price to it's originial intended level.

So if you're thinking of getting it, you better hurry up &
take advantage of his discounted offer now before it's
too late...

In it, you'll discover:

4-step plan to instantly "size up" your partner... even if  you have 2%suspicion of foul-play in him/her (Every couple must try this!)

>>> Guaranteed stealth techniques of getting your partner
to cheat right before your eyes

>>> If your partner goes out at odd "out of the ordinary"
hours, works late nights, or travels a lot on business,
you'll learn here how to catch a cheat even when they are
not around. They can be a hundred miles away and STILL
be caught!

>>> The 7-step formula: How to out-smart the cheater at
their very own game, anticipating each and every move
before they’re made, and “turning the tables” to get them
to "self-destruct" and admit to it all!

>>> The 5 cycles of your sex life with your partner and
exactly how knowing which stage you're in that gives a
strong vibe to an affair (and reveal exactly how long
it's been going on)!

>>> ... PLUS a whole lot more!

Because I am constantly on the look-out to share great
information with my valued customers and subscribers (like
you), I HIGHLY recommend you have a go at this entire

... if the page is still there, this means you made it in
time special launch discounted price with the additional
$366.75 worth of FREE bonuses!

When you download this program, you can go through the
entire 2 months... go through the main manual... read
all the complimentary bonus modules... listen to all
private CD recordings... and get all the bonuses.

And if you're not happy for ANY reason at all, then
those lessons are ON HIM. Just ask for a refund, it's
that simple.

Dean's not dumb enough to make such a bold guarantee if he
wasn't confident that you'll absolutely be THRILLED by
what's inside and will be more than happy to KEEP it.

All you need to do is to give it a try:

Offers like this don't come every day, so please hurry!

All the best...


Send this e-mail promotion now!

I recommend you use the above subject line with this e-mail promotion. It’s been tested extensively to guarantee maximum sales. Just copy and paste it directly into your e-mail.

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