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Her popularity comes from her straight-forward way of handling difficult, hard-core topics with sensitivity and humor, helping women cope and rebuild their self esteem. Here, she spills the beans on the nuts and bolts of affairs (why, how, when, what), relationships, cheating men & abuse and how you can easily get back your life and successfully overcome "the affair"... and many , many more!
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#3: "Busting A Cheating Lover WIDE OPEN -- A Step-By-Step Rundown On How We Do It" By Ex-United Nations Head of Special Investigations -- John Sexton": The nation's #1 private investigative name in solving cheating cases, this "once in a lifetime" 60+ minute exclusive one-on-one interview with PI legend John Sexton will open your eyes to into a world of surveillance, tracking, efficient handling of domestic matters, adultery/affairs case studies, child custody issues, etc along with all the nitty gritty of painlessly dealing with a cheating spouse/lover.

This revolutionary CD recording is a complete instructional system designed to TRANSFORM you into a socially savvy, "in the know" veteran female of the 21st century... to reclaim back your dignity, power & swiftly move forward in your life with total confidence.

#4: "How To End The Stress Of Not Knowing What to Do to Save Your Troubled Marriage & Relationship -- Amy Waterman": Author of the #1 best-seller "Save My Marriage Today", Amy will be sharing her most valuable, proven methods to "cheat-proofing", getting your relationship & marriage back on track - however "impossible" or "dead-duck" your situation might be in this powerful 60+ minute private recording we I did with her.

Contrary to popular belief... unresolved conflicts, extra-marital affairs, lack of intimacy, excessive fighting, ineffective or not enough communication, not enough quality time for busy schedules, a suffocating partner, children issues, trial separations, etc will never be an obstacle... and no... It's not about giving in to everything your partner wants and demands, begging or pleading for more chances or even forcing your partner to understand where they went wrong.


#5: "Diving Deep Into The Minds Of Cheaters -- Emily Mckay": As the brains behind the best-sellers "Click With Him" & "Attraction Makeover" and having successfully helped thousands across the globe in dealing with the stresses of handling day-to-day relationship issues, renowned dating coach Emily Mckay shares her experiences on cheating couples and how they juggle acts of covering up lies, explaining time away, dealing with associated guilt feelings & how they are eventually consumed by guilt and ends up lashing out at their partner (and much more!) and what YOU can do to get out of it in this rare private conversation I managed to secure with her.

As always, she pours her heart and soul here, holding nothing back; her "out of the box" thinking will have you spruced up and thoroughly "equipped" with the know-how of even the sneakiest cheaters around!

#6: Picking The Brains Of The #1 Private Investigator Of The Year -- Kelly Riddle (With Over 7500+ Infidelity Cases Under His Belt): Voted #1 private investigator in P.I Magazine, selected as "Private Investigator Of The Year" by NAIS (National Association Of Investigative Specialists), and having successfully worked on over 7500+ infidelity cases the world, Kelly has seen it all; the good, the bad and the ugly!

We managed to hunt and track this "man-of-mystery" down in this exclusive interview to share his stories & experiences (accumulated from 30+ years as a top-notch PI) on the various types of lies, nasty infidelity cases he's seen and gone through, how he conducts his investigations (step-by-step), and especially if you're thinking of hiring a private investigator yourself, you won't want to miss this out!
#7: "101 Sure-Fire Guaranteed Ways To Solidly Guard, Magically Shield & Make Your Relationship Cheat-Proof… Whatever The Situation!": After conducting our undercover research—examining relationships that have crashed and burned, as well as ones that have remained rock-solid over the years we’ve boiled them down to a list of 101 (a mammoth 52+ pages of jam-packed killer content) -- nothing censored, water down, filtered, sugar coated or fluffed up.

This is as real as it gets, gathered from barstool conversations and locker room confessions; from guys from all walks of life and the women who’ve loved them; from loyal wives, mistresses &
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